Act Responsible, Think Sustainable.

Lead the scene to keep it green.

It's our world, take care of it.

In Parnian Darman we believe what is good for consumer is good for us too. Therefore, in an on- going process of bettering ourselves and creating shared values for a coherent sustainable future in Parnian Darman we have integrated beyond common industry standards and frameworks in both internal and external projects. Consequently, in order to have more sustainable and socially responsible approach, Parnian Darman has adopted the United Nations global compact value system; where, the people and planet’s well-being is not compromised by the economic profit of the corporation.

Parnian Darman's commitment to sustainability on the daily basis is through the following principles that we employ in our words and actions:

To maximize Parnian Darman's patient safety, we apply the innovative Patient Support system, which is easy-to-understand digital content that clarifies the usage and avoids dangerous missuses of all the products.
To build on better lives’ conditions, our talented individuals are committed to work hard on our Research and Development department to make breakthrough medicines that assists us to attract and retain consumers.
To creating equal opportunities in our employment and recruitment practices we have established a culture of appreciation of differences.

To decrease the consumption rates, we have guided consideration of our employees about ecological and societal circumstances to give preferences to water and energy efficient choices.
To reduce the CO2 emissions, we have considered video conferencing or other information and communication technologies before booking business trips.
To minimize climate change, we have collaboration with Innovative packaging companies to reduce the sizes of our products for the shipment purposes through minimum application of means of transportation.
To deliver high levels of ethics and integrity, Parnian Darman has been monitoring performance at all stages to insure commitment in preventing bribery and corruption as well as maintaining strong business value system.