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A Value Driven Approach, Care For Tomorrow


Parnian Darman Arman was established in 2014, after consecutively succeeding internationally for 15 years, aiming to manufacture, export and import Pharmaceutical products. There is an urge to have specialized entity to develop the export growth of healthcare and pharmaceutical products when considering manufacturing of some of the high quality of such productions inside the country. On the other hand, improvements in healthcare technologies on the international level and the role they have in healing the patients have great importance. The successful experiences of founder team along the collaboration with other reputable international companies in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, motivated further to establish this entity to provide high quality medical services.

Global Presence

As a world-class company, while adhering to professional ethics and in compliance with international law and standards and environmental safety, Parnian Darman Arman will make its greatest efforts on delivering the cutting edge therapeutics solutions. We are committed to make the best quality pharmaceutical products for MENA, CIS and South Eastern Asia.

As a High-Tech company, Parnian Darman Arman creates opportunities for young talents to invent state of art therapeutics and add value to construct self-sufficient Iran.


To be the Premier Healthcare Entity to create added value for Patients, Partners & Society by addressing the unmet needs.


To be the first and most trusted choice for Pharmaceutical, Health and Medical supply partner seeking outsourcing service in our active territories.

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In Parnian Darman we believe what is good for consumer is good for us too. Therefore, in an on-going process of bettering ourselves and creating shared values for a coherent sustainable future in Parnian Darman we have integrated beyond common industry standards and frameworks in both internal and external projects. Consequently, in order to have more sustainable and socially responsible approach, Parnian Darman has adopted the United Nations global compact value system; where, the people and planet’s well-being is not compromised by the economic profit of the corporation.

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